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ELS are extremely competitive in price, and offer the best price the first time, with quality components to match.


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August DEALS!!

NO Deposit 



   6.6KW System

 24 x 275 watt ZN SHINE Panels 

 Solax X1 - 5.0 Boost  Inverter with Wi-Fi 
AMAZING PRICE at only $3990.00

11.55KW System
-3 phase homes-


included is 42 x 275 watt ZN SHINE Panels with

 Solax X3-10000TL  10kW 3 phase inverter with Wi-Fi 

AMAZING PRICE at only $9250.00




5.5KW System
20 x JINKO 275 watt panels with
Solax X1-5.0 Boost  with
Wi-Fi inverter

Fully Installed!!

ONLY $4690.00



6.6KW System

included is 24 x 275 watt ZN Shine   panels with

a  Solax SK-SU5000E Hybrid Inverter (battery ready)

Fully Installed!!

Only  $4990.00

*For installs in Gold Coast, Brisbane and Ipswich area's. Price included for all pitched, single or two story homes, tin roof. Fully installed prices. Nothing more to pay. Extra charges may be incurred on meter box upgrades. If you are unsure on your meter situation, you can click on this link to email and we can let you know.